Employee Health Coaching and Corporate Wellness Solutions
"Caring about the wellness of your employees is to care about the health and corporate wellbeing of your organization."

The Ongoing Wellness Headache

Are you tired of the same old wellness programming without the impact? Do you continue to struggle with reaching your high risk employees? This is a common challenge for most companies. Despite your best attempts, it can be extremely hard to engage your employees who are not interested in getting involved and making a change in their personal health.

The Cost of Unhealthy Employees

As you probably know, the cost per high risk employee weighs heavily on your bottom line. On average, your high-risk employee (5+ health risks), incurs an extra $3,321 in annual medical costs. Your high-risk employees are also 12.2% less productive than your low-risk employees (0-2 health risks).

Did you also know your smokers cost you $4,430 per year in lost productivity wages due to missed days and time off from work? Yikes! Decreased productivity, absenteeism, and high health care costs can add up fast. Are you addressing these high cost markers thorough your current wellness program?

Let's Evaluate

If you’re not 100% convinced that your current wellness programming is addressing your company’s high risk employees and creating a healthy, happy culture for increased employee retention, let our DIF Corporate Program Success Coordinator take a look. Larger reductions in health risk as little as 1% point per year could yield an ROI of $3.21 for every $1 invested.

Your Solution

Finally! Your company goals meets your employee’s personal life goals. Bring Does IT Fit™ Corporate Wellness Programs into your workplace to help you achieve the healthier, happier culture you have been aiming for. Through consistent personal employee health coaching at the foundation with complimenting services in alignment with your companies target goals, we address both the lifestyle and disease management aspects which can lead you to a 300% ROI .

Your Team

Your DIF™ Corporate Wellness Team Includes: Your Personal On-site Certified Health Coach(s) and may include but is not limited to on site psychotherapy, yoga, personal trainers, injury prevention specialists, smoking cessation/prevention experts, stress management & career coach, and more!

Eating Right 33%
Movement 17%
Happiness 22%
Community 15%
Accountability 13%
Healthy Meal

Fruits, Veggies & Lean Proteins

We help you focus on what is most important about healthy eating, so you can achieve your personal goals quickly and with ease.

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Healthy Motion

Movement Each Day

You'll learn to incorporate simple daily movement into your life to get you burning calories, toning up, and looking great!

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Healthy Mindset

Happiness Helps You Look & Feel Great

We keep you focused on your achievements and help you build on daily successes until they become part of a healthy, happy lifestyle.

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