“I love that I now know I am in control of my health. I really enjoyed the positive perspective from the Monday Mindset call. My awareness around my health has changed the most. I would absolutely recommend this class to my friends.”

“My biggest take-away from the program is being more aware of what I eat and how it affects me. I really enjoyed the interactions with others on the Monday Mindset Q&A call. I plan to stay in touch with people from the program as I build my healthy support network.  I would recommend this program to my family and friends.”

Patti N.

Essex, VT

“I now understand the classes of food for my biggest health benefit. I really enjoyed the support of the Q&A call as I was making changes in my health goals.  I am now exercising and making better choices with eating.  There was always so much to cover each week, I would have loved the class to be longer!  I would absolutely participate in Megan’s personal coaching programs because of this program.”

Middlebury, VT

“I feel like I finally have the power and control to choose! I really enjoyed the resource materials to reference at home or work. I know I will refer to it probably forever. My face is less swollen and I’m no longer snacking when bored. I’m finally making smarter food choices! I look forward to continued support from Coach Megan and will be working with one of her individualized programs for continued support after the program. Thank you, Megan!!

Burlington, VT

“My workouts are so much better. I can run easier, I have lost weight, and my energy is so much better. I took the class while working with Megan in my own personalized program, too. I thought the programs paired well together, and I am so much farther along because of the personalized support and group support from the program. I don’t feel alone. I loved the support from Coach Megan and I am so happy that my wife and I decided to take this program together. She no longer is a victim to her gluten food allergy, and understands how to eat to feel great! We have new nighttime routines and find that we are enjoying each other so much more. It’s nice to feel sexy again. I can’t thank you enough.”
“My wife talked me into this program, but I found I really enjoyed the support and understanding what the better choices would be. I liked the comfortable atmosphere and I feel like I’ve finally learned how to think before I eat."
“My biggest take-away is that everyone has choice! I really enjoyed learning about making right choices and I am more aware. I will be staying in touch with Coach Megan for sure.”
“Megan has removed the barrier of cost, and provided a realistic way to deal with my long-standing obsession with eating. I wish I had used this program years ago! It has not only impacted my personal health, but also my family's, and I now have the energy and mental clarity to focus on my business. I recommend everyone take advantage of the personal consultation during the program.”