Become A Program Partner

Example Partners


Create A Healthy Workforce

Use our program to tie all your wellness activities together with our 3rd party accountability, privacy, and outcomes data tracking.

Health Insurance Brokers

Provide Solutions to your Accounts

Advance your client relationships by partnering with our program to impact account claims & improve wellness plan engagement.

Financial Advisers/ Benefits Specialists

Save Your Clients Money

Partner with our program to create Healthy Savings for both your account employers and their employees.


Creating Healthy Kids

Use the program with your school or staff wellness programs, or for fundraisers—ask us how!


Grow Your Practice

Give your patients access to the program through your office without putting in extra time yourself. Your patients will be happier, healthier, and supported between visits. Allow the program to keep patients coming back to you!

Health Clubs

Added Benefit for Members

This is a great way to give your members added value without adding time or training costs. Let us do the work of teaching the basics of health and nutrition, while you enhance their health benefits through your services.

Health Food Stores

Help Guide Customers

Be a trend setter! Give your shoppers access to the program to support their efforts to make healthy choices when shopping at your store. Keep your customers happy, healthy, and coming back to you!

Dance Studios

Dancers and Gymnasts

How important is a healthy diet and mindset to your dancers or gymnasts? Help your dancers or gymnasts learn how to support the demands of their bodies. You will be a hero to both them and their parents.

Bridal Shops

Getting Ready for the Big Day!

Help your brides and their bridal party look and feel their best on their big day! Allow this program to be an added benefit to brides working with you!